Solaris: Ordnung mit System

Once a month, when System Jaquelinde is working on the flyer design for Solaris Bar (Linz, Austria) their flat turns into a playground of colours. Every day’s oddities are getting arranged by hand so as to form monochrome numbers displaying the current month. To round things off the bar’s corporate design was adapted to follow this very idea: logo, signs, and a monthly for video-advertising. The concept is based on System Jaquelinde’s passion to mix up digital and analogue techniques.

Art Directors Club Germany, Junior Award 2013 — Bronze Nail — Category promotion — Project »Solaris: Ordnung mit System«
Published in »ADC Deutschland Jahrbuch 2013« (Art Directors Club Deutschland Verlag)

In cooperation with:
Bernhard Pesendorfer (Florale Kunst)
eliot (sound)
Mischmeister M. (sound)
skizzo (sound)