Skippin Thru Tarka T.O. — Abby Lee Tee

With »Skippin Thru Tarka T.O.« the musician Abby Lee Tee created a dubbing of the natural history novel »Tarka the Otter« from 1927. In reference to the book the musicvideo shows the life of two otters in 2015. The protagonists are kept in an artificial habitat, unable to survive in the wild and fed with dead fish. Graceful prisoners of an endangered species.

Music by Abby Lee Tee
»SKIPPIN THRU TARKA T.O.« from the album
»BY ACCIDENT« (shash rec.)

Peter & Clara

Loving support by
Michael Mayr

Thanks to
Daniel Edelbacher
Bernhard Lankmaier
Andreas Jalsovec

Supported by
Cumberland Wildpark Grünau
Ars Electronica Futurelab
Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria