DRIFT. Eine horizontale Raumdeutung
Konzert und visuelle Inszenierung:
Samstag, 15. Jänner 2011, 19.30 Uhr
Visuelle Inszenierung: SYSTEM JAQUELINDE (AUT)

In 2011 we got invited to do a visualization concept for a concert at Lentos Art Museum in Linz. The auditorium has a big panorama window with a great view of the Danube an the across riverbank. We wanted to create a fusion of the interiour and the outside space experience. So we gathered time-lapse material and processed a new composition of this view by layering, looping and rearranging the collected footage. Our visual interpretation of the reality got screened on the semi-transparent surface of the panorama window. By rearranging and compressing the past and mapping it with the actual situation we created a new space of imagination. Supported by the live music (Kammerflimmer Kollektief) the visitors could slowly drift into this new version of reality. The visual repetitions and overlappings of the same sujet changed the perception of space and time.