»Her yer taksim, her yer direniş!«

Installation / Live-Performance, 2013

System Jaquelindes project »Her yer taksim, her yer direniş! – Taksim is everywhere, resistance is everywhere!« assimilates the divergence between an active participation in a revolution, its coverage in the media and its perception from the distance.

The diverse and very personal ways of looking at a situation are getting tangible through the various visual perspectives and the multi-channel sound-performance by Michael Schweiger.
The project „Her yer taksim, her yer direnis!” is designed as a 3-dimensional A/V-sculpture (projection mapping).

Performance duration: 10:20
Performance in October 2013

screening: Calling Istanbul – Diskussion (eine gfk Veranstaltung), Central Linz, 10.06.2015